Shanghai Betterlife Industry Co.,LTD
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 "We support your quality life" We have added networking business under Smartgotrendy to spread to other parts of the world. If you become our partner , you will enjoy business with us as we work as family and we are ready to establish and have offices in countries we have Partners. We supply and produce different products like health machines, home appliances, wrist watches, cloths, shoes and more. We will have all this products available in different countries where we will open offices to make it easier for our partners to purchase at wholesale prices. If you are looking for a reliable Chinese company to source your products, as our partner, we will do that for you and make sure you get the best quality at affordable prices. Let’s work together and build a better life. Thank you!



联系人: 陈女士

手机: 185-161-886-95

电话: 021-31661089


地址: Room 718 2unit No.3000 Jindu Road Minhang Dis Shanghai China